Thermographic Camera

In times of pandemic and with the need to reassess the internal processes of all companies, public or private, a major trend that emerges is the use of facial recognition devices, based on Deep Learning and thermography algorithms, to implement intelligence and technology measures to prevent and combat COVID-19.

Main benefits:

• Recognition of human presence;
• Analysis of up to 30 people simultaneously at a distance of up to 15 meters, thus avoiding physical contact with possible infected people;
• Recognizes the identification of the individual (employee or visitor) and release of access;
• Recognizes whether the individual is wearing a mask or not (releasing access or not);
• Recognizes whether the individual is feverish or not, with an accuracy of up to 0.3 degrees Celsius (releasing access or not);
• Supports decision making and security in corporate environments, with the issuance of reports with public accountants and the presence of individuals with a feverish state;

For universities, schools, hospitals, clinics, shopping centers, supermarkets, industries, churches and more. Find out how the thermographic solution can help your company!

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